"Victorian" Movable Diamond Dual Necklace

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With its classic appeal, our sparkling, handcrafted, .925 Sterling Silver bracelet is perfect for any occasion! This timeless piece is the epitome of perfection as the movable diamonds add an extra aspect to fashion unseen in any trend before!


Handmade to perfection, our jewelry is set to make your outfit stand out even more. Grab all the attention in any room with our "Victorian" Movable Diamond Dual Necklace!

Our Promises to You:

  • Ethically and responsibly sourced, conflict-free.
  • Lab-controlled conditions allow us to make the perfect stones and cut which allows for unbeaten light performance, quality and precise optical symmetry.
  • We go wherever you are! Once every order is shipped, you will receive an email containing a Tracking Number, so you know when your new fashion statement has arrived!

"Victorian" Movable Diamond Dual Necklace
"Victorian" Movable Diamond Dual Necklace
"Victorian" Movable Diamond Dual Necklace

Customer Reviews

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Alfonso C.

The item came as described, I really like how clean it looks. Simple, comfortable, lightweight, and lots of color options. What's not to like?

Kenya A.

It looks very very good! Amazing! Fast shipping.

Colton K.

I really like these! The quality is great, and they arrived really quickly. Love the new. color options too. Awesome look!

Hailee M.

I am an absolute fan!! For this price and quality, as well as beautiful options, I am really happy. So comfortable, definitely recommend to everyone!

Enrique B.

All as in the picture, super cool! 10/10 recommend Radiayte! Ordering more very soon! Love this style.